Lemmon Tree——Fools Garden

   There was a time I was very interestd in BCG. You know BCG? The Boston Consulting Group. But I was interested in the company not because I was fancy about consulting industry. Simply because of a guy working there.

     He is a very quick thinker, I mean very snappy, just caught you at the right point.  Talking with him is a wonderful challenge, it is a two-way relationship. It helps you to discover something in your body and mind which you didn't know.

    My feeling towards him changed one day when he listened to this song saying, "One day, one day I wanted to be buried under a lemon tree… with my lover."

    What a fool I was… anyway, he is a very interesting guy.



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  1. 大一时,流行跳兔子舞,舞会上经常放的就是这只曲子.


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