Lesson 30:Please, say “Please” !

A while ago I wanted Jose to proofread one of my English blogs so I said, “Jose, proofread my blog.”


Jose didn’t move; he said, “Yuan, there is something you are missing.”


“What?” I was busy with some routine things.


Jose said, “I believe that you are missing something important here.”


I said, “What are you talking about?”


Jose answered, “You forgot to say the magical word; you forgot to say “please” in the end.”


Ahhh… I blushed.


Then he said, “Don’t take this as a mundane thing, Yuan, since the word “please” is not a mundane word.”


“You know, Xiao Pang, Azalea, all your friends including myself like you so much that we generally tolerate your mildly selfish behaviors. Maybe you don’t realize that you have a tendency to give orders to the others around you? Did you notice that? No?”


“Well, it is ok for me, I am not angry about that and nor will I ever be. But you know, in every kind of relationship respect and politeness are very important. Like when you are dealing with your clients, you need to let the others feel warmth. Obviously I am talking about some warmth from you; from your product and from your branding.”


“So, now you understand; right? All right, could you please say it again?”


I laughed, “Ok! Hmmmm…Jose, please, could you proofread my English blog?”


Jose smiled, “Good-girl. It will be my pleasure.”




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  1. 我很不好意思的再问您第二下。我非常喜欢你的“I love you so much”的小提琴版。我早就试着在百度上找了,可是找不到这首曲子。也在谷歌找过,没找到。请问我还能在哪儿找到。那我最后也加一个“please”吧,呵呵。


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