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   A real Yuan

     Jose bought an updated iMac last month. He transferred all his files into the new computer. After he finished, he told me, "Hey, Yuan, you remember that you have sent me more than 60 pictures during the last 4 years?"

     I didn't count in fact, so I was a little bit surprised,"Wow, that many?"

     Jose said, "Yes, that many, all the pictures are of yourself, your parents, Xiao Pang and you, while you were working, having fun, playing in the nature, and I just looked at them one by one. You know, I found a very interesting thing."

     "What?" I asked.

     Jose said, "I found that you are much more happier being with dogs than being with human beings. It is quite …interesting."

     "Am I?" I lifted my eyes.

     "Sure." Jose pointed to this picture saying, "Just take a look at this one, you are dancing with the dog. You see your smile? So genuine, so sincere, so true. That is the real Yuan."


     Jose took a deep deep look at the picture and said, "I love it."

     I smiled, "I love it too."


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