Lesson 21 Speak Softly; Eat Slowly

      One morning, I had my breakfast with Jose.


     While I was eating, suddenly I wanted to say something, then I began to talk while holding a piece of bread.


     Jose shook his head, “Yuan, speaking with a full mouth? Come on, you should know that this is definitely not a lady’s style. First I can not understand what you want to say, second do you think that this is polite?”


     I was a little bit embarrassed trying to finish it as soon as possible.


     Jose shook his head again, “Please, Yuan, you better chew your food well before your swallow it. Don’t hurry, it is not good for your health. Another thing, eating should be enjoyable. And only if you take time to eat then you can really feel and taste what you are eating.”


     While he said “feel” and “taste”, he pronounced the two words very slowly and lightly; even with a very sexy voice, which made me put a handkerchief over my face and begin to laugh.


      I said, “Jose, I told Rose that you have very tender voice.”


      Jose smiled, “Really? So nice of you.”


      I put the handkerchief away and said, “I wonder…”


     “What?” Jose asked.


     “I wonder if it is only because you are talking with me that you are using that voice or if you are always using the same tone while you are talking with everybody?” I asked.


     Jose seemed surprised, “It is my voice, even if I wanted to change it I could not. I am always using the same quiet tone while I am talking.”


     “Ahh… I see.”


     “But…” Jose paused.


     “But what?”


     Jose said, “But maybe there is something different while I am talking to you; I really don’t know. As for the others, many people told me that they liked my warm voice …and my cool tone.”


     “Ahh, then I am not the first one to tell you that.” I said.


     “Sure. You know, every time I was directing live television shows, I needed to communicate with my crew using a sophisticated intercom system with professional headsets. Everybody said they liked my voice, because they were so used to the other directors’ shouting——”Move here! Go there!” But I never raised my voice, always, always keeping a very soft tone; giving the orders clearly, quietly and cooly.”


     Jose said, “You know, it is the best way to direct the cameramen, the sound men, the lighting men, the musicians, the actresses and the actors, because a cool voice makes them feel secure, emotionally stable and sure about what they are doing so they can give you their best. And that’s why I could get so many contracts to direct live show, because both the technical crews and the talents enjoyed to work with me, they kept asking the producers to work specifically with me.”


    “Yuan, shouting can only make people around you feel nervous and it might mess up the whole thing. If you are respectful and you are sure as to what you are talking about, you don’t need to raise your voice. You can explain everything quietly, even lovely, but at the same time, firmly.”


     “Ahh…I feel I have learnt a lot from you.” I smiled.


     Jose said, “Sure, remember when I met you, you used to talk with a very high pitched voice and you spoke very quickly. Now your speech is much softer and you speak definitely slower. In fact, you are becoming more and more like me. Can you feel the change?”


     I nodded.


     Jose smiled, “Well, be aware that it is also subtle sign of maturity. Speak softly and eat slowly; no panic, no rush; be sure about yourself and care about the other’s feelings. This is a golden key to true happiness.”


     “Ok! You just gave me my title, thank you!”


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  1. Yeah, being nice and respect to others are so important to everybody. If you pay attention to it enough, you will win all the people’s support, and yourself feel good as well. I totally concur with Jose’s opinion. Thanks for sharing~~. Happy New Year.


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