“French or English ?”

When he saw me in the waiting room, this was his first sentence, there was no warm opening like “Hello, how are you ?” or “Nice to meet you.”

I was a little bit surprised, but I didn’t say anything, I just smiled and nodded, “Both are Ok.”

Then he introduced himself and stepped forward to shake hands with me.

I went to him immediately, “My name is Yuan, nice to meet you.”

But it was not a warm or solid handshake, I just got time to touch two or three fingers, a little bit soft, a little bit moist…

Then, he began to talk about his health.

I was very focused about it but, slowly, I felt more and more nervous.

It was not about what he said, it was about how he was looking at me.

It was quite strange…


He is a tall man, but he was leaning forward, too much I thought, it brought me some pressure and made me feel uneasy.  

At the same time, he was continuously staring at me, fixedly, deeply…

I felt that his eyesight was being like a knife, and that it could easily penetrate my whole body, and nail me directly to the wall behind…

I don’t know why but I was suddenly thinking about Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the brilliant psychiatrist who was also a violent psychopath in the film “The Silence of the Lambs”…

When I began to talk, I felt that my lips were getting dry, I had difficulties to find my words…

A one hour treatment seemed much too long for me… really. Finally it was finished.


I wished it was the first time and also the last time I saw him, but one week later he came back…

The second time we met, I was still afraid of him, but at the end of the treatment I noticed that he was fumbling with something in his ears.

It was like a lightening, suddenly I understood the reason why he was staring at me like that.

I asked him directly, “Is it a hearing aid that you are wearing ?”

He said, “Yes.”


Ahhh…that is why he was looking at me like that, because he had to observe the shape of my lips to help him understand what I was saying.

He told me that his hearing problem was a family genetic disease, and that it touched only the boys.

His grandma brought it to the family. His grandpa was Ok. But his father lost 50% of his hearing when he was born. The same thing happened to him, but his sisters are Ok. When it came to his children, his son has the same hearing problem, but his daughter is OK.

I felt his frustration as a father and to make it easy I said, “It sounds like you won the loto !”

He was laughing, me too.

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