A red envelope

This was a young man, kind and delicate.

He had come to treat his back because he had back and lumbar pain for years because of his work.

I suggested a Combo treatment and he accepted immediately.

Then, he found that the treatment was very effective and he came back another time.


Today was his third Combo treatment.

I did it for him as usual.

After one hour, the treatment was finished.

I wrote an insurance receipt for him and when I put it back in his hands…

He gave me —— a nice red envelope !

I was so surprised and very touched by his gesture.

I said “Thank you very much!” many times with a big smile.


Offering a red envelope is a traditional custom which is very popular in the Chinese culture.

During the Spring Festival, people give the others red envelopes, with money in it. But above all it’s a way to say “thank you”, to appreciate and to wish a happy New Year.

He told me that he did not understand the Chinese words written on the red envelope.

I explained to him that, “年年有余” in Chinese means “richness”, which means “There is more and more for each year.”

He was very happy saying that it was exactly the wishes he had for me.

Another interesting thing is that there are fishes drawn on the red envelope, it is because in Chinese, the pronunciation of fish is “Yu”, it is the same pronunciation as “more and more for each year”. That’s why a fish is an important dish for the Chinese New Year’s supper.


I was really touched by his delicacy and generosity.

Every time I think about it, it gives me a small smile.

This is the first red envelope I have received in Canada and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Again, “Thank you very much !”


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