Love Story meets Viva La Vida

    What a wondeful way to begin a day !

    Amazing Co-operation, the piano and cello sat alone, echoing tone for tone, perfectly wedded. And the interpretation about the music by Jon was also very touching. This song mainly made for his 7 years old cute daughter Sara.  And he wanted to wish her a meaningful life like what Viva La Vida describes.

    I like the openning section of the music, the part while the guy named what, Steven, playing the cello by fingers, exactly the way when you play guitar. Very creative and expressive !  

    Anyway, Hey ,Lotus, I posted this music mainly for you, you know, since you told me you love cello very much,  but, have you ever heard such a cheerful one?:)  


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4条回应:“Love Story meets Viva La Vida——大提琴、钢琴协奏曲 Jon Schmidt”

  1. 这是把Taylor Swift的love story 和Coldaplay的Viva La Vida结合到一起的,两首曲子融合的非常好。所以曲子的名字就叫Love Story meets Viva La Vida.
    Viva La Vida也是一个masterpiece,歌词写得很好,哪天贴上来。

  2. 听这首曲子很快乐,可我却哭了。我是刚加入的,很喜欢这个网站。感触颇多啊~··


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