As usual, before the arrival of the new patient, I consulted my computer to read the notes she had written herself about her health.

    In her file, I read this, “I participated in an organ transplant in 2015. I donated one of my kidneys.”

    I imagined that it was a lady of a certain age, probably around forty or fifty. And, of course, I imagined that she had probably given one of her kidneys to her child ; could be her daughter or her son. Except a close relative, who might be willing to give you one of her own organs ?


    When she arrived, I was really surprised to find that it was a very young woman. She was barely twenty-five years old. And she was thin ; even thinner than me.

     Then I explained to her my massage modality ; she settled on the table and I began to massage her.

    Usually, I avoid asking personal questions to my patients, except to clarify certain facts about their state of health. I totally respect their private lives. But this time, I was very curious. So while I was massaging her, I asked her the question directly, “You had an operation in 2015?”


    “Ehhhh … Did you give a kidney?” I chose my words carefully.

    “Yes.” She did not move.

    “But who did you give this kidney to ? To a family member, I imagine ?”

    “No, it was a stranger.”

    “Ahhhh What ?” I thought I misunderstood.

    “A stranger. She repeated softly, “She was a forty-five-year-old lady. I did not know her before.”

    “A stranger ?!  Forty five years ?? Even !” I was really surprised.

    I always sign on the back of my Quebec health insurance card to signify that I agree to give my organs in the event of a fatal accident.

    I agree to give my organs to people who need it or to scientific research. But, it will only happen if I die !

    But in her case, for no other reason than her great generosity towards an unknown person, it is a totally different thing. Do I have the same courage and the same generosity as this young woman to accept to give one of my organs while I am still in good health ? I doubt it.


    “So why did you agree to do that ?”

    “I do not know this lady. But I heard her story. I was very touched and wanted to help her, simply. There were four other people who wanted to help her; including her sister. Unfortunately, they were not compatible. Finally, I was told that I was the only person who was compatible with her and I was very happy for her. It saved her life !” She told her story softly, as if she were talking about another person’s story.

    I was so surprised. I said, “Now, how are you, and how about your health ?”

    She said, “Yes, thank you! Everything is fine !”

    “Did your parents agree with your decision ?”

    “No.” She added, “No member of my family agreed.”

    I understood. If she had been my daughter, it would have been very difficult for me.

    “But you decided to do it anyway. “

    She replied, “Indeed, the values ​​my parents taught me make me try everything to help others who are in need. I thought that if I could help this lady now, why wait ? “

    She continued, “I have two children. So, I understand that my parents have worried about me. However, if one of my sons were to make a similar decision, I would let him do it ; I would encourage him and I would be very proud of him. Anyway, it’s his life, and it’s his responsibility. Isn’t it ?”

    Hmmmm … I had another question, “Have you kept close contact with this lady?”

    She said, “Not that much. Of course, we call each other once in a while ; about once every three or four months, just to hear from each other, especially about our health. Other than that, there is no other special link. You know, I have no expectations for her. Because of her illness, we have crossed paths in life. Since then she has to live her life and I live mine ; each one of us continues its own way.”


    I did not dare to tell her at that moment, but I felt a lot of admiration for this young woman who literally gave life for free to a total stranger whom was then very badly sick at that point and that the destiny had placed on her way.

     What an incredible story !

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