The tip

    One night, recently, a girl in her early twenties entered my treatment room. It was the first time that she came to see me, and as soon as she entered I found that she was resplendent; warm, smiling and dynamic.

    She told me that she was studying at the university and that the intensity of her studies caused her a lot of tensions under her shoulder blades and, especially, in her upper back. Consequently, I suggested her to take a Combo treatment (laser therapy + massage) instead of a massage alone. She accepted without hesitation.

    During the laser treatment I was able to talk with her and I realized that she is a really nice person who has an open mind. Later, she asked me many questions about the Chinese culture and it was obvious that she was really interested. It was so nice to talk to her that I did not see the time passing.

    At the end of the treatment, she was very satisfied with the result.

    Then she paid me and she left.

    Barely five minutes later, the phone rang, it was her.

Her voice was warm; she said, “I’m sorry, I left too fast and I completely forgot to give you a tip … could I come back in a few minutes to leave you this tip?”

    Total surprise!

   So sweet, so kind, so respectful, and so generous … It’s not the tip she came to bring me that touched me so much, it’s the way she acted which left me so much impressed.

    She was so radiant that I felt that there was a soft lighting around her. What an exceptional young woman !

    She arrived a few minutes later and she only stayed for a few seconds to give me a generous tip and, with one last radiant smile, she left to disappear slowly into the night …

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