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  I love thoughtful movie,sensuous,intelligent and beautifully acted film,I dislike the actions or horror.I have a small collection.All of the movies on my list are included because I enjoyed the direction, acting, writing or cinematography more than other movies released during the period.Of course,it is my personal taste.
1、《肖申克的救赎》The Shawshank Redemption
My favorite movie. Andy is all my dreams of Mr.Right 😉 Hope never dies.
2、《养子不教谁之过》Rebel without a Cause
Enough said. James Dean agian.
3、《天伦梦觉》 East of Eden
Another film by James Dean which one I liked very much. There is a James Dean lies within all of us suffering the painfull progress of growing up.
4、《布拉格之恋》 The Unbearable Lightness of Being
I like Tomas;-) and I like his “infidelity”… “Take off your clothes!” plain words but weaves a sexy magic around me…
5、《天长地久》 Heaven Can Wait
A man could be still sexy even in his 80s.
6、宫崎骏作品——《天空之城》City Of Sky
The music is very touching…
7、宫崎骏作品——《猫的报恩》The Cat Returns
8、《禁忌的游戏》 JEUX INTERDITS Forbidden Games
Whatelse I can say,talented children and beautiful French movie…
I like Rick,especially his deep,inarticulate sound as of pain. Very cool! I also like the end when Rick said I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
10、《乡下姑娘》 The Country Girl
I like the conclusion of the play.
11、《伤心往事》 House Of D
You never know who your angle is gonna be. Another film just make you  see the world a little differently…
12、《寻找梦幻岛》 Finding Neverland
13、《贝隆夫人》 EVI TA
14、《薄暮之光》 Du Fauboury
15、《珍妮的肖像》 Portrait of Jennie
Where I come from,nobody knows,And where I am going,everything goes.The wind blows,the sea flows and god knows…
16、《意气风发》 The Last Time I committed Suicide
A beautiful and unforgettable story of love,friendship and discovering how to stay a beat ahead of the crowd…
17、《风流寡妇》The Merry Window
Another masterpiece of Alfred Hitchcock,but I am not familiar with it,is it Hitchcock’s style?
19、《国防大机密》The 39 Steps
The thirty nine steps is the film that established Hitchcock as the master of the mystery spy-thriller.
20、《卖花女》 Pygmalion
How a guttersnipe become a princess in a mere six months? The first step is Self- Respect,that is the 1th step to be a Lady!
21、《如何嫁得金龟婿》 How to Merry a Millionaire
Love prevails over money or Money prevails over Love. Maybe even gold diggers sometimes have hearts of gold.
22、《可爱之极》 You were Never Lovelier
23、《红舞鞋》The Red Shoes
A glorous Technical epic that influenced generations of filmmakers,artists and aspiring ballerinas.
24、《沉默的世界》The Silent World LE MONDE DU SILENCE
25、《罗马之恋》 Three coins in the Fountain
Not that impressive…
What a love of that rats! And He Jong and his partner provided the voice for the character of the rats into Chinese,much funny. The Americans really have a strong sense of humor.
28、《茶泡饭的滋味》 ——婚姻也许就是一碗茶泡饭,平实、淡定
Yasujiro Ozu,famous Japanese film director.There is only a word on his gravestone— None(无).All that plain scenes exemplify the film director’s style.
29、《小城之春》 Springtime in a Small Town
Well known romance in China.But it is a little bit less compact…
That is a very typical Abbas Kiarostami’s style flim.And the main point of it is well understood,others are not always discernible.
31、《办公室的故事》The Story in The Office
This is,hmmmmm,without doubt,one of the greatest of Eldar Ryazanov ‘s films. Funny comedy!
32、《爱德华大夫》 Spellbound
Alfred Hitchcock waves his binding magic into this story.Well,the story line is good.
33、《樱桃的滋味》 The Taste of Cherry/Tam e Guilass
The first time I didn’t watch all,I finished it at the second time.It is a very philosophical film…very philosophical…
34、《色戒》Lust Caution
If you want to gain the love from man,you should take care of his stomach,if you want to gain the love from woman,you will have to learn how to take care of her vagina.I think it is the greatest romance by Ang Lee.Tang Wei’s performance is remarkable.
35、《蝴蝶梦》 Rebecca
Alfred Hitchcock’s most beloved film–not his greatest,nor his most respected,but the one most often thought of when the term”Romantic Mystery” comes up.
36、《一夜风流 》It Happened One Night
I have just recently viewed it again.It is really funny comedy.Both of Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert are great in this movie.
37、《哈利波特》系列 Harry Potter Series
Well, I went to see this flim because a lot of friends went to see this flim…ehh,fine with me.
38、《怪物史莱克》1,2,3 Sherk ⅠⅡⅢ
Oh, Sherk!! Not just a brilliant animated feature,but a super flim on any level. Thanks to Vivian for your accompaning me to go to see this flim. Sherk is orge-sized adventure I want to see again and again!
39、《大路》La Strada
Everything in this world has a purpose,even a pebble…
40、《愤怒的葡萄》 Grapes Of Wrath
California! I am not much interested in the political statement expressed by the film.I only impressed by the mother’s encouragement to keep everybody being kind of whole and clean one thing- family.
41、《乞力马扎罗的雪》 The Snows of Kilimanjaro
I will be very sorry if I find I did nothing meaningful when I review my life one day.Street’s last chance and happiness restes wih Helen,what about mine?
42、《相见恨晚》 Brief Encounter
Exploring the thrill,pain and tenderness of an illicit romance in the door. An old story and old film too.
43、《红磨坊》Moulin Rouge (1953)
Does his art or his alcohol get him out of the lonliness? No,the death succeed.Not by Nicole Kidman,but by Jose Ferrer,Collete Marchand in 1953.I prefer old films jut like I prefer older man.;)
44、《小镇话语》The Talk of the Town
Light film…
45、《杀死一只知更鸟》 To kill a Mockingbird
Don’t insult the weak even this world is still strong dominated…Whether the man is handsome is not important,it is determination that get him ahead.ehh,but I have to say I like tall&handsome man like Gregory.
46、《我的兄弟》My brother
It all boils down to one point- Responsiblity.
47、《卡门》Carmen Jones
Remenber a friend said Love could be only available within a society.
I think it was the girl’s eyes that impressed me most…
49、《意大利人在俄罗斯的奇遇》 Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia
It is funny but…hmmmmmmmm I prefer Eldar Ryazanov’s another work Vokzal dlya dvoikh.
Will I be like this …
51、《毕业生》 The Graduate
Sorrow is hushed into peace in my heart when the Sound of Silence going on…
52、《国境的南侧》South of the Border
The 1th korean film I appreciated. The thing called life is a music score,full of incomprehensible notes.All I can do is just playing the instrument…
53、《甘地传》 CHNDHI
He changed the history.
54、《追求幸福》 The Pursuit of Happyness
For his son,one man will reach for the impossible.
55、《窃听风暴》 Das Leben der Anderen
HGM XX/7 Forever! A wonderful germany flim,touching and impressing.
56、《阳光小美女》 Little Miss Sunshine
Take a hilarious ride with the hoovers. Heartwarming, I think.
57、《西雅图不眠之夜》Sleepness in Seattle
What if someone you never met, someone you never saw, someone you never knew was the only someone for you? Do you belive it? I do believe it…Somebody is waiting for you around the corner of life…
58、《傲慢与偏见》Pride & Prejudice
Make you believe in true love and happily – ever- after
59、《红》Three Colours – RED
60、《白》Three Colours- White
Is it a comedy? I don’t think so… cool as a ice-pick…
61、《蓝》 Three Colours- BLUE
A major work…intense and moving
62、《情深到未来》 My Life
Unique story but not very good cast.Anyway,it makes me think of “how to love”
63、《辛德勒名单》 Schindler’s List
Classical Film
64、《触不到的恋人》The Lake House
A rare and unique love story.There should be move movies like this one. I love it,it reminds me of John…
66、《七宗罪》 SEVEN
The waiting is over…Let the fantasy begin…
68、《美丽人生》 Life is Beautiful
It will lift your spirits and capture your heart.
69、《艺妓回忆录》 Memoirs of a Geisha
I like Zhang Ziyi,beautiful ,smart,also very sexy…
70、《查莱尔夫人的情人》 Lady Chatterley
71、《西北偏北》 North By Northwest
film by Alfred Hitchcock ,I like him .Well I like Gary Grant,a real gentleman 😉 I love real gentleman!
72、《乱世佳人》 Gone Wind
Classical Movie
73、《勇敢的心》 Brave Heart
I think it is a bit bloody,but the music is wonderful.
Everything you heard is true.
75、《廊桥遗梦》 The Bridges of Madison County
Beautiful feelings.. even at 40s oor 50s,the woman should have a mood being in love.
76、《末路狂花》Thelma & Louise
It is nothing short of perfect.
77、《大智若鱼》 Big Fish
Sideways ist Wie ein guter Wein-ein Hochgernuss bis zur letzten Sekunde.
79、《弥留的时光》 Temps qui reste
Leun film de Francois Ozon
80、《天使爱美丽》 Le Fabuleux Destin J’ Amelie Poulain
81、《马西阿诺的魔法》The Magic of Marciano
Fine performances and abiding intelligence.
82、《钢琴别恋》 the Piano
A most enchanting,startlingly original love story.
83、《教室别恋》Lust och fagring stor
84、《生之欲》 IKIRU
A film by Akira Kurosawa,typical Japanese film…
85、《生于七月四日》Born on the Fourth of July
86、《决不让步》 North Country
Authentic,honest,amazingly powerful and moving…
87、《天气预报员》 The Weather Man
88、《千与千寻》 Spirited Away
89、《风月俏佳人》 Pretty Woman
I like Richard Gere’s smile…;-) Just like other girls,I also dream of a handsome,wealthy prince picking me up by his fancy car,he he
90、《神秘河》 Mystic River
91、《沉默的羔羊》 The Silence of The Lambs
I dislike the horror or …but this one is really wonderful…
92、《死囚168小时》 Dead Man Walking
A courageous and passionate drama
93、《钢琴战曲》 The Pianist
Music was his passion,survival was his masterpiece.
94、《金色池塘》On Golden Pond
One day we all will be eldly people…
95、《帝企鹅日记》 La Marche De L’Empereur
96、《Le Declin De L’empire Americain》
Le film est sage,profound,et douloureux.
97、《放牛班的春天》 The Choir Boys
Very beautiful movie…
98、《红色小提琴》 The Red Violin
99、《荒唐周五夜》 Friday Night
No Commitments. No regrets
100、《百万宝贝》 Million Dollar Baby
To be honest,I feel…
101、《屋顶上的轻骑兵》 Horseman on the Roof
102、《卡波特》 Truman Capote
103、《玛萨.伊瓦丝的爱》 The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
104、《雨人》Rain Man
105、《楚门的世界》The Truman Show
It is a miraculous movie!
106、《两个人的车站》 Vokzal dlya dvoikh
Funny,touching and also thoughtful…
107、《剪刀手爱德华》 Edward Scissorhands
I would like to look deep into his eyes…

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  1. 看了一遍your list,感觉好像没看到 the english patient,有点不相信,就又看了一遍list,好像真的没有。
    那个真的是很动人的love story!你不喜欢吗?

  2. 真的是看碟无止境啊,《英国病人》是很好的片子,但是我还没来的及看呢:)我相信我会很喜欢的。


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