Lesson 44: Trust

Jose broke his camera while he was trying to fit a wrong lens on it, forcing a little bit too much and something broke inside as a glass piece, a light concentrator, came out of it. Unfortunately, now he can still use his camera to take pictures or videos, but he can not see those on the camera’s high definition screen after he took them. His only way to see those is to transfer everything on his computer.

It was very inconvenient, so after he went back to Canada, he called his insurance company to report the accident.


The insurance guy asked him about what happened to the camera then he decided, on the spot and over the phone without even asking to see it, to send a brand-new one to Jose without asking for the return of the old one.


Can you get it?

That means that Jose now has two cameras, one with a little problem to review the pictures and videos on it; the other one is a brand new one…


I was so surprised.

I asked, “Why did the insurance company believed in what you told them? They did not even ask you to send the broken camera back to check it?”


Jose said, “No. Because there is something very precious in our society, it is called “Trust“.”


I said : “Another thing, why did the insurance company allow you to keep the old one? If I was the guy, I would ask you for it, at least, even if the company doesn’t need it, I could sell it on Ebay and make some money myself.”


Jose smiled, “Because we are not in China, here…”



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