Lesson 42: Awareness


When Jose was here, he showed me his iPad with a lot of photos in it; of himself, his family, his friends… Some of them were dated from the 1950s… So I clicked on them and viewed all of the photo albums. It was very interesting.


Suddenly I saw an album titled “Lei” and its first picture was that of a nice woman. I asked Jose who she was. Jose told me that she was a new immigrant from China and that she used to practice French with him, because Quebec is the French-speaking province of Canada and that is where she intended to emigrate.

I browsed through the pictures casually and as soon as I closed the album Jose asked me, “Did you find anything special in that album?” 


“Special? No, what is special?” I asked.


Jose smiled, “Well, you didn’t find anything special, but I did. Better yet, I found it immediately; the second Lei showed me her photos.”


I went back to Lei’s album, going through all the pictures again. There she was; her daughter mainly, her father, mother, friends even. “Nothing is special…” I said.


Jose said, “Ahh, Yuan, awareness; awareness… My love, I told you so many times how  important it is to be constantly aware.”


Then he pointed to one photo, “Look at it, very carefully.”


It was a very simple photo, the woman was standing there, leaning on the handrail of a staircase, sideways; wearing a sleeveless dress, light blue color, smiling.

The person took the most space of the photo, but we could still see some parts of the house, wooden floors, white walls, some furniture. That is it, that is all.


I carefully looked at it at least three times, then I turned to Jose, “Nothing, nothing wrong here.”


Jose asked, “Really?”


“Yes, really.” I answered.


Jose put his forefinger on one arm of the woman, “Look at that.”

As I said, the woman was wearing a sleeveless dress, so you could see her arms clearly.

Oppps… I now found that there was something kind of blurred on the image.


Jose asked me to enlarge the photo on the iPad.


I did and then I could suddenly see the “blurred” part on her arm much more clearly. There were bruises ! All over the top part of her arm.


“Wow! She was beaten!” I exclaimed.


“Yes. She was treated badly.” Jose said.


“Who beat her like that?” I asked.


“Her Chinese husband.”

Jose told me that this woman was an English teacher in China. She emigrated to Canada because she wanted to give her daughter a better education. But her husband was a specialized machinist who could not speak English or French.


Unfortunately, this man didn’t want to learn English or French. So he went to Canada doing nothing but fishing and playing around with his local Chinese friends while his wife was taking care of the 6 years old child, going to the language school, cleaning the house, cooking and even trying to find some odd job to support the family.


On top of that, she had to suffer from the beating by her husband as he was coming back from his days of fun with his friends. He also kept forcing her to make love with him after each of her hard working day. If she said no, she would be beaten by him. The bruises on her arms told everything.


I asked Jose, “Why did she tell you her story?”


Jose said, “She didn’t tell me. You know, she had taken the photo without being aware about the bruises on her arms. But I instantly saw them, so I asked her. At first, she didn’t want to admit. She wanted to hide it, you know, the “Face thing” of Chinese people… but at last she could not hold it, and she cried, a lot.”




“Then what will she do?” I asked. “Seems that it is a no-end relationship.”


Jose said, “I suggested her to focus on her studies and try to find a job later, because she loves Canada and is willing to try her best to stay here. As for her husband, since he does not want to learn any language, automatically he would have to go back to China once the money he brought with him will run out. And she hopes for that because it is the most logical way to separate her from her husband.”


“Well, Lei’s story is her story. “Jose said, “But the important thing here is, why could  I see these things the second I saw the photo; but why could you not see them even when I pointed it to you specifically?”


I was a little bit bashful so I curled in Jose’s arms and hid my face.


Jose said, smiling at me, “Well, being aware. Yuan, it is so important. Being aware, you can see many things the others can not see; being aware, you can live many things the others can not live; in other words, you can only live your life to the fullest if you live it through full awareness.”


Ok, I am aware…


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