Lesson 19 Question: What is this in the picture?

Underwear, shorts or panty?

   Days before, I sent Jose all of the musics you can find in my blog. At this point, it represents hundreds of pieces which would last more than 15hours if you were listening to them non stop.

     So every evening, when I am doing my Yoga routine, Jose plays those pieces for me as a background music. Before I met Jose I did my Yoga in silence, but with him I found that a discrete musical background accompanying me as I practice is much more pleasant and helps me keep my mind focused and not roaming around.


     Jose loves to watch me doing Yoga and he keeps saying that it is beautiful to look at me being so elegantly focused. It is worth noting that he used to be a gymnastics coach in his early 20s. Interestingly enough, it is by that time that he developed a sudden and never ending passion for young and beautiful girls.


      I asked Xiao Pang to buy all kinds of very professional workout clothes for me, you know, very tight and close fitting. Because I believe that I must be fully equipped even if my skills are just so so.


    One day, I said, "Ok, it is warm today, I will wear my new underwear."


    Jose was surprised, "What?"


    I said, "I will wear my underwear doing Yoga."


    Jose smiled, "Ahh…You are so nice to me."


     But after I put it on, Jose was a little bit disappointed, "It is nice but a little bit too long."


    I said, "What?"


    Jose explained, "You know, the piece of clothing that you are wearing now is called "shorts" here if it reaches above your knees. An underwear is something totally different that you wear under your street clothes. And if you want to say it more precisely, we name those "panties". So English is a very fascinating language because depending on what you are really talking about we have different words or expressions."


    I was …"Poof…"


    Jose then smiled again, "But it doesn't bother me at all, because I always prefer only one thing on women."


    I asked, "What do you prefer?"


Jose answered, "Nothing!"



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