Lesson 12 10 Contacts


     Jose is buying an iPhone 4 and he gladly explained to me how amazing it will be. For example, the iPhone will allow him to record high-definition digital video. With it, he will be able to use Bell video calling on Facebook and, in fact, initiate a video chat with anybody using Skype on an intelligent phone or on a computer. He will also be able to twitter and text at will …brabrabra.


    I know that Jose is a technical fan and an absolute Apple fan, so even if I am not really interested in the technical specifications of his new toy I let him talk.


    He also described to me his cellphone package which allows him to choose 10 phone numbers anywhere in Canada – where he lives… – which he could call anytime he wants and send unlimited short messages to. In fact, with these precious 10 phone numbers, any kind of communications seems to be totally free.


    What a wonderful package, ehh…


    But now there seems to be an unexpected problem here. What is this problem?


    Well, our dear Jose found it a little bit difficult to determine the 10 "free" phone numbers because he simply could not find 10 people with whom he would need to talk freely. In fact, he found only two… The first one is his son Eloi and the other one is the mother of his son. When it came to a third person, Jose became suddenly "unsure".  Imagine, the third one is already unsure, let alone the remaining 7!


    I was with him when he was considering his possibilities and I laughted a lot.


    Jose was a professional TV producer and director, he was in the very heart of the entertainment business for more than 35 years. He was not like somebody working as an engineer alone at his desk.


    It was in show business. I believed Jose showed a lot and had a lot of contacts. In fact he once told me that a lot of beautiful young women wanted to sleep with him simply because they wanted to stand in front of his camera, exactly like it is still happening now. This industry rules seem to never change…


    So he definitely had a lot of contacts and, surely, a lot of women among them. But now, he can not even figure out 10 unlimited phone numbers that he could register with his cellphone package. In fact, there are only two and they are both his family members.


    What can I say or what should I think? All are floating clouds.


    Anyway, when you come to Jose's age if you can have 1 unlimited contact, good for you. Then if you can have two, you are very lucky and If you have three, ohh, you have been totally blessed !





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