5 Steps (passes) editing process


My friend Azalea asked José to help her to correct her master degree thesis.


Not only José accepted to do it ; but also he took the time to explain to her his way of doing it.


I found it was really nice and his methods could be helpful for everyone.


That is why I share it here.


Good morning Azalea,


I just finished editing the first part of your thesis.


Here is what I did and how and why I did it :


First, I had to install Microsoft Word on my Mac computer because I wanted to be able to be fully compatible with your file and, mostly, give you full control on the editing process when you will get your file back.


Then, I had to learn how to initiate Edition Tracking in Word, as it is completely different from Pages, the word processor I have been using for at least the last 15 years.


This explains why you will see red (Microsoft Office User) edits on the first 4 pages of your text. These occurred while I was still learning the Word Edition Tracking system as I was working on your text at the same time.


I must tell you that I have already edited about 10 to 12 Master and PhD thesis ranging from Physical Anthropology and Philosophy to Sociology and Ethno Musicology for friends or members of my family, which led me to develop a personal method to get it done with efficiency.


The first thing I do when I get a new text is to immediately initiate the Edition Tracking of the word processor, which would allow me to follow my editing process step by step.


And then, I begin a 5 steps (passes) editing process, reading the full text 5 times while focusing on 5 different but important writing processes.


During the first pass, I focus mainly on the vocabulary, correcting typos and sometimes suggesting more appropriate words or expressions that could fit better or be more precise giving the context of the sentence ;


The second pass is dedicated to the syntax. This is where I look at the sentences construction ; their deep meaning, the ease to read and   understand them and their flowing easiness.


For the third pass, I thoroughly check the grammar ; the time concordance and the punctuation of each sentence and paragraph.


The fourth pass is focused mainly on style consistency between sentences ; paragraphs and chapters.


The fifth and last pass is a more relaxed reading, focusing mainly on the pleasure of reading the text.


As you will soon discover, using Edition Tracking gives you the possibility to either undo ; reject or accept every single one of my edits. In other words, it gives you full control over my work on your text.


Now, in this first text, when you are talking about the psychological or philosophical Self, I suggest that for the sake of consistency you normalize the use a capital S each time you are referring to the concept of Self.


Do not hesitate to communicate with me if you need supplemental information on what I suggested or if you wish to discuss any topic related to your thesis.


Have a nice day !




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