Lesson 59 La force tranquille

A few weeks ago, I was watching the daily press conference hosted by the Québec’s Prime minister, Mr. François Legault.

During that meeting with the press, he asked everybody to stay at home.

And he said, “You should know that if you do not respect that quarantine,  there will be somebody dying, because of you. And then you will have to suffer from it, in your consicence, for the rest of your life.”

When I heard that, to be honest, I immediately felt that there was a coldness climbing on my back …

And then I told José, “He said this sentence quite calmly, but I felt the pressure from his words.”

José said, “Yes, he is the kind of person, who exhibits “une force tranquille.””

“Une force tranquille ?” I said, “Wow, belle expression… what does it mean?”

José said, “Yes, “une force tranquille” or “la force tranquille”. I kept telling you, that when we talk, our voices could betray us.The tone you are using when you talk ; your expression ; the body language you show… “

“You see, when Mr. Legault explains the situation on the television, he talks slowly ; calmly ; clearly, just to the points. No words in vain ; every word he said was clear and easy to understand. He knows where he comes from and where he is going to. So, not only his words, but also his attitude, reassures the Québec people. As a leader, during those difficult times, this “force tranquille” is the best way to control any situation, especially this one.”

“Yes, I feel very comfortable when I hear him talking like that.” I agreed.

Jose said, “You see, making people feel comfortable is very difficult ; much more difficult than to make them feel excited or make them laugh or cry. Being comfortable is a very soothing emotion. When Mr.Legault makes you feel comfortable, it means that you have confidence in him.”

“But how could he make you have confidence in him?  At first, he has to have confidence in himself ; he needs to feel comfortable with himself, which in french, is “être bien dans sa peau.””

I said, “hmmmm, not easy… errrh?”

“Sure, it is never easy, but it could be learned and practised.” Jose said, “How many times did I ask you to lower your voice when you talk, especailly when you were talking with your family members in China.”

He said, “I kept telling you what you should do if the others keep getting their voices higher. Well, just the exact opposite ; you need to lower your voice.”

“The higher the others’voices are, the lower your voice should be.”Becauce that is the only way to calm down the others around you. If you also higher your own voice, you let the others control you ; you also let their emotions control you.  It is not good. “

“So if you lower your voice, they have to follow you, even without being conscious of it, they will have to lower their voices also and focus more on you. Why ? Because if  not, they woud not be able to hear or understand what you are saying to them, right ? ”

“Hahahahah…” I laughed.

Jose noded, “Right…you see, that is exactly what “la force tranquille.”is. ”


“I know one person who has “la force tranquille.” I said.

“Who ?” José asked.

“You !!”


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