Lesson 56
You don’t drive for yourself, you drive for the others.

Recently, José and I went to the town together.

We were waiting for a train to pass.

Suddenly, José said, “There is a problem with the car in front of us, one of its lights is broken. The guy might not know about it. I need to go tell him.”

I was quite surprised, I thought… Come on, it is none of our business. Who cares if the light is on or off…

But José was already off and he was walking towards the other car. He knocked on the window, and talked to the driver with a big smile. Then he told the guy that his light in the back was broken.

After that, he came back, very content.

He told me, “The guy was very happy about that and he told me that he would take care of it later.”

I said, “Yes but, is it worth the effort ? It is cold and snowy outside… It is none of our business. Non ?”

José said, “Sure, of course it is our business, it is important, for him and for the others. Now, at around 4:00pm, it is already almost dark outside. If the driver has no idea that one of his lights is not working, it is very dangerous for him, and for the others on the road.

We need to think about the others. Because on the road, we don’t drive for ourselves, we drive for the others. “



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