Lesson 52 Count your blessings… 

There are many advantages to get along well with an older man; preferably with an intelligent one. One of those benefits is that you can foresee many things like, for example, experimenting true human nature, before you could really be able to taste it by yourself one day. 

Most of us are ordinary people. We are only humans, and human nature is, well, human nature. Hence, all of the joys and sorrows in this life will possibly be our sweets and bitterness as we keep living and growing. 

So it is much better for us to be able to understand a few things before they might happen. Just to… get ready.


Since last May, some blood had been detected in Jose's urine. He thought that it was because of the kidney stones problem that he had for many years, so he didn't take it too seriously. But after a few months, he took the urine test again and there was still blood. 

At this moment things got more serious and he immediately made an appointment to see an urologist, but he had to wait about one and a half month to get there. When he finally saw Jose, the urologist prescribed a test called a "cytology" that would be looking to find cancer cells in his urine and he also ordered a complete abdomen CT scan.

As he was waiting for the results, Jose became to be more and more nervous; day after day. Then he got a call from the specialist' secretary, telling him that the doctor had received the cytology results and that he wanted to meet him at the first doctor's schedule opening two weeks later.

Jose immediately asked her whether the cancer cells search result was positive but the secretary said she could not tell him by law…

Suddenly, something collapsed in Jose's heart because he knows a lot about medicine and he felt that the urologist would not give him pleasant news… 

In our Chinese culture, there is a saying, "无知者无畏”. On the other hand, this means that the more you know; the more you can potentially be seriously frightened. Jose's reaction was normal because if there was nothing wrong, why would the doctor want to meet him, right? 

So Jose did a lot of research about urinating blood which linked to kidney cancer, bladder cancer, and prostate cancer; or even all these main three cancers concurrently, most possibly. That was devastating! 

At the same time, Jose was waiting for the hospital to schedule the scan for him. As the date of the appointment with the doctor was approaching, there was still no call from the hospital. Jose was so anxious that he decided to go to a private health service that would charge him around $400 for a single scan. He just could not wait. 

But just a few hours before he was going to pay for the scan, he received a call from his son, saying that the hospital wanted to reach him twice but that they could not, so they called his son's number that they had as an emergency number in Jose's file. They were calling to say that the arrangement for the scan at the hospital, which would be provided free of charge, had been made. 

In fact, the hospital secretary had called Jose's son 5 days ago and left a message. But his son didn't really listen to the voice mail; he just ignored it. Fortunately, the second time his son took the time to listen, and then he called his father.

Ok, be ready.

Here is something really hurting; even worse than cancer. Jose's son was very unhappy about the hospital trying to reach his father through him, because now he studies in another city and he was angry because he believed that it would cost him some money to pay for the long distance calls… 

I was shocked to hear that. I asked, "He didn't even ask you why you needed to have a scan at the hospital?"

Jose shook his head sadly, "No."

I said, "Your son is unhappy about the fact there were two long distance calls which will cost him about 10 cents… how can he think like that?"

Jose said, "I don't know…"

"Well, how did you answer that?"

Jose sighed, "Nothing. What else can I say? I said, "Sorry.""

Wow… Unbelievable… 

That sad moment prompted Jose to start a difficult soul searching process that, ultimately, opened his eyes. He began to search for the people whom he could rely on if he really needed support, including his family members and his friends. 

Finally, the result was frustrating, but not surprising. In fact, Jose is a man used to vicissitudes, normally not easily dejected, but today…


Most parents have beautiful dreams about their children and they carry great hopes about them. But what they don't know is the sad fact that their child would not only be educated by them; they would also be educated by society, which is something beyond their control. 

Parents are willing to give birth to many children because they hope that brothers and sisters could care for and help each other, when the troubled times come. Siblings could depend on one another. But parents could not foresee that brothers and sisters do not always agree as well as they should, and that there can be a lot of rivalry between them. How could the parents have foreseen it? Many times, even the parents are undependable…

Talking about friends, Ok, those so – called friends. How many people do you think will really come to help you when you are in need during troubled times? Or when you are in a financial pinch, whom could you call without any hesitation or embarrassment? 

Mention one, two, three… if you can name five, wow, congratulations! Because 99.9% of the people we met in our lives are people we cognize, but we don't really know them so they are not close to us; let alone friends. That is it.


Ok. Back to Jose's urine test, he went to see the specialist. Even if he tried to be calm and composed, his trembling lips showed everything. Then the doctor said, "Yes, there is still blood in your urine, but the test for cancer cells is negative and we could not see anything wrong with your scan." So the doctor prescribed him another test to find out where the blood comes from. Wow! Cancer free! What a relief! 

The surface of the lake began again to be tranquil… but it was just like a light sigh. Even if it sounded soft, like a surface when nothing had happened; it was an incomparable inner struggle. There was something did happen… But life is continuing, Jose laid aside all these thoughts and began to look again to the future. 

Life is so precious, you need to count your blessings and forget the others that you can not reach and make you suffer.

Because life is too short to suffer.

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