Lesson 49 Touch 

Last sunday, I watched two films on the Internet. One was "La Vie en Rose", a French film narrating the story of the famous singer Edith Piaf's life; the other one was "I am Sam" with Sean Penn in the leading role. I decided to watch that film first just because I like Sean Penn very much. But I didn't expect that the plot would be so touching that I would be moved to tears. 

I don't know, maybe because it reminded me of my youth. "Why could I not have a real father who loved me so much?" "Where is my childhood?" You know, those kinds of questions that jumped into my head so many times and for so many years… 

Anyways ! 

Recently I wrote something on my blog and then, later, I erased it because I told myself that I needed to learn how to make peace with what happened to me before, and that I should stop being mournful about myself and try to be optimistic towards the future. But sometimes it is really difficult for me when something just touches my heart… Then, this time I cried a lot at the end of the film; so much so that I even got a headache. 

Jose didn't ask why I was sobbing so uncontrollably; he didn't say anything either; he just sat by my side, very close to me, and put his hand lying gently on my chest, in a place very near to my heart. He didn't move his hand at all. He just let it lie there; tenderly and patiently; waiting for my inner turmoil to subside by itself. As time went by, a peaceful mood came to me slowly and, finally, I was at peace. 

Ah !, I had not been crying so much and for such a long period of time until that very moment. But soon after it finally ended Jose began to retract his hand very, very slowly. 

I was quite mesmerized and I said, "It is really reassuring, you know. I can feel my heart beats slowing down." 

Jose said, "Yes, I know. Touch can be miraculous. A simple gesture of touch can make people feel very peaceful; deeply content and entirely fulfilled." 

I asked, "Who taught you that? I mean, putting a hand on the chest near the heart? It feels so wonderful and so relaxing." 

Jose said, "Years ago, I went to see my dentist. You know, like a lot of people I am quite afraid of seeing a dentist; including the one I have known for many years. So, I was very nervous; so much so, in fact, that I was a little bit shaking on the chair. Seeing how I felt, the dentist's assistant was such a nice woman that she very naturally put her hand on my chest, near my heart, and she simply didn't move it at all. Then, slowly, I felt that some kind of magic or strength was coming from her to me. I felt that I was not alone; I felt that she was assuring me silently that everything would be going well. Then, my fears slowly died down. That's how I discovered the magic of touch." 

"Ahh, and now you are applying it to me!" I said. 

"Yes!" Jose replied, "It was a simple gesture, but I told you so many times that I can really understand you; that I am with you; that I am accompanying you. 

Since I very well know how touch can be so effective that it could make you feel a lot better about yourself and about your life I thought that I could accompany you that way. And, as you could clearly feel, it works flawlessly. 

But, unfortunately, in our so called modern life, most of us just forget how touch can be magical. 

And this is so sad…"

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