Lesson 48 Be proactive 

Days before, I saw a small advertisement posted on a Montreal Chinese forum. The Beijing Television Network wanted to find a local professional cameraman to help them to do co-shooting during the Montreal Chinese Film Festival from August 23th to Sept 1th. They required that the candidate should provide a Sony high-end digital High Definition equipment and a car. They were willing to pay a sum of 1800 CAD or even more for 10 days work. I felt that it was a good deal, and that it was exactly what Jose would like to do since he owns a brand new and complete Professional Sony HDTV digital production system. So, even if it was a little bit late, because the advertisement was posted 6 days before, I immediately told him about that offer. 

We tried to call the person by the number they posted, but we could not reach them after 3 or 4 times trying. Finally, Jose decided to leave a voice message and to wait for their call back. When they did, it was too late but, at least, as Jose said, we tried. 

Jose also said that this time I was quite fast and being very proactive which he liked very much. In fact, I saw something, I felt that I could do something about it, and I did it immediately, without waiting. At least, because I acted without delay, we were able to try it. So even if we could not get it because it was too late, Jose felt very proud of me. 

In fact, this "proactive" attitude is Jose's life philosophy which will remain until his last breath. Jose had told me that everything he got in his life, he earned it. The word "earn" means that he really fought for it; nothing came to him easily.   

We Chinese people have a saying, "There are three biggest pains in one's life. First one, the loss of your mother when you were a child; second one, the loss of your beloved wife/husband when you were in your middle age; third one, the loss of your children when you are old." 

Going through all of these three kinds of pains, I don't really believe that there would be many people that could survive. Jose experienced them all. 

After he was born, he was sent away by his mother; when he was 58 years old, his son's mother left him; and now, every time he is thinking about his son, he feels pain because he believes that his son is lost for some serious reasons that I can't tell you here out of respect for his personal agony. So when he was young, he lost his mother; when he was in his middle age, he lost his partner; now that he is old, he feels that he has lost his son. 

He has every reason to be unhappy; to complain; to be depressed; to split the damn life. 

But no, he has made an adamant and uncompromising choice to be happy and to hold a proactive attitude towards his life. Therefore, he never complained about what was happening to him to the others. Never did; never will! 

Occasionally, when he would talk about the challenges he faced, his tone would be so calm and peaceful. It is just like if he was talking about a story happening to another person, while I am totally in shock listening to his soft voice telling me the hardships of his life. Such a person can stand up to any serious situation. The only thing I could do is to learn from him——"Be proactive in your life !" 

And keep away from the grumblers. These kinds of people keep complaining and kicking about all around. Jose says that the fastest way to be unhappy is to be with the ever complaining people… 

Remember it, you are born to be alive !

 Lesson 49 Touch

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Lesson 45 The outside is the reflection of your inside…

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