Once I have said no, there is no coming back… 

After he had finished to read my email, Mr. Muller called me, “Miss Guo, I received your email, it is very… erhh…interesting. Can you come to my office please? I want to talk with you face to face.” 

I said, “OK.” 

When I sat in front of him, Mr. Muller tried desperately to explain to me about everything that had happened between he and I. For instance, he said, “I was in Shanghai when you were bitten by Zino, I thought about sending you flowers but I just forgot because there were so many things running in my mind. I should have invited your boyfriend to the BBQ, but at that time I wanted to take the time to talk with the shareholders. I knew you were unhappy because you were so quiet that we didn’t know where to put you. I apologize for that.” 

I replied, “You don’t need to find reasons to fight with what I listed there (in my email to him). I just painted a general picture.” 

Mr. Muller, “You mean I am not a nice man?” 

I said, “Exactly, you are not.” 

Mr. Muller seemed to be hurt a lot, he mummered “Hmmmm, I know, I know, not many people are able to work with me.” 

I nodded, “Including me.” 

“But many people became my good friends later. You see Liya and Kiki, they wanted to leave me many times before, but now they are going on so well with me. And this guy, call him!” He pushed his cell phone in front of me. “He will tell you what a man I am, and I will call him later.” 

“No.” I refused, “My leaving your company is only between you and I. I don’t want to get the others involved.” 

Mr. Muller insisted, “Call him!” 

I said, “No.” 

Mr. Muller quickly put another paper in front of me, it was an email from Jessica. I was very surprised to read this thanking letter, saying that while she was in Beijng, Mr. Muller treated her just like a father, and she also thanked the others in the office for their kind help and… 

Mr. Muller seemed to be very proud of that and waited for my reaction.

I tried to choose the right words, but finally I said, “Do you believe it?”

Mr. Muller… 

I told him, “Do you want me to read you another copy of an email from Jessica, it is in my email box?” 

Mr. Muller said, “No!”

I smiled, “Well, their situation with you is their’s; it is not the same with me. I am different. Maybe they can accept your behavior because of the money you offer them, but not me. As far as I am concerned, your attitude towards me is nothing else but unacceptable.” 

Mr. Muller began to be angry, he said, “You can not do that to me. You just opened a door to discuss, but you closed that door immediately on me! I don’t like that. I do not accept that!” 

Since his voice was getting higher and higher, I smiled, “You see, Mr. Muller, you can not change, your hot temper is in your blood.” 

He immediately controlled himself, “One month. Ok? You give me one month, and I will prove to you that I can be nice with you and that we can go well together. After one month, if you are not satisfied, you can decide what you want to do; how about that?” 

I smiled, “You don’t know me, Mr. Muller.” 

He insisted, “You don’t know me either.” 

I agreed, “Ok, then we don’t know each other, perfect.” 

Mr. Muller again, tried to control his temper… 

I said, “Once I have said no, there is no coming back. I didn’t write this email without thinking about it, you see. I wrote that enough is enough.” 

He almost jumped up but he painfully tried to control himself again. “Miss Guo, I spent more than one hour trying to keep you with us. I don’t want to waste my time. Two weeks ago, only two weeks ago, I would just let you go. But now I really want to keep you, because you have a lot of potential; I can see it now. I offer my hand to you. Take it or not, it is up to you. I can not force you. But I am telling you, I want to change, I want to keep you, I want to make us a strong team. Today you only talk about yourself, you only think about yourself, you never think about me, I am under a great pressure, everyday I am paying a lot of bills but nothing is coming back. Please help me, at least a little bit. If you say no, which means that you are really a tough one, you will have a lot of problems being with the others, even in other companies. I know people enough to say that.” 

I said, “Ok, I will think about it and come back to you later.” 

Mr. Muller thought I just changed my mind and, immediately, he was a happy man, “Miss Guo, I like you. There are many ways to show likeness. Walk into us, and be part of us. Don’t be too tough and overreact.” He even gave me some fresh breads as a gift… Never treated me like that before. 

But in my mind, I already made my decision…


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