The First Time

We people always like to talk about “The first time” topic : the first time I met somebody, the first time I went somewhere, the first time I did something. And I believe that there is a very special topic that has been asked over and over again, “When was the first time you made love?” Of course we would not go that far by asking so crudely. Hence we would only ask, “Hey, when was your first time?” 

So, one day I asked Jose, “When was your first time?” 

Immediately Jose got my meaning; seems he had been asked many times, he answered, “25.” 

“25? That late?” I could not believe it, “It is not your type. Come on!”

Jose nodded, “Yes, you are right and that is why later, when I realized that I had lost precious years, I began to compensate generously for that lost time…” 

“How did that first time happen?” 

“I was entirely due to the girl who boldly approached me. I didn’t know how to do it but she knew very well how to seduce me and it happened quite naturally. In a word, I didn’t know how it happened but it happened.” Jose said. 

“How about you?” Jose asked me. “When was your first time?” 

“Hmmmmm, at 18 years old, when I spent a summer vacation in my hometown.” I said. 

“And how did it happen?” 

“I know how it happened but it didn’t happen, I mean, hmmmm in fact, it didn’t really happen.” 

“What do you mean?” Jose was obviously confused. 

I sighed, “I mean we did everything but the real——, because we didn’t know that there were condoms or pills existing at that time; we were afraid to get me pregnant.” 

Jose burst into laughter. “Hahahaha, then?” 

“Then I keep feeling regretful about these years; my good old days…” 

Suddenly, I asked, “What about your son? When was your son’s first time?” 

“12 years old.” 

“Wow, much much better than you.” 

Jose smiled, “Indeed!”

“So what did you do to your son when you heard about his first time?” I asked. 

“I discussed with him.” Jose said. 

“What? Discuss? Discuss about what? What was there to discuss about?” 

“Hmmmmm, mainly about the techniques, skills, a conversation between men, you know? Like how to make the girls feel better, and how to protect himself also…” Jose answered. 

“Wow, wow, another culture difference. ” I felt soooooo unbelivable when I heard that. I said, “We Chinese parents would never do that!” 

“So what will you Chinese do?”

“We beat them.” 

“Oh. God!”


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