The Glorious Death 美好的死亡

Well, even if Jose kept saying (until today), "Yuan, we are soul mates.", sometimes we can get slightly mad at each other, and he would then sigh immediately, "But it seems that you can not really grasp it; even today." 

I think that it is normal. I am Chinese; he is Canadian and, of course, sometimes we can not understand each other because of the culture gap. 

Jose said that the expression "culture gap" might be a bit too harsh. 

I said, "Ok, then how about culture shock?" 

Jose said, "Hmmmm, I believe culture differences should be ok." 

Ok, then, culture differences; let's talk about an interesting culture difference.

I remember that one day Jose was talking about his father's death. He told me, "You might not believe it, but I decided to hasten my father's death." 

I was so astonished, "What?!" 

Jose said, "Well, at the end of his life, my father had a generalized cancer, and it had spread to all of his body, including bones, stomach, lungs; it was everywhere and he was suffering a lot. 

Obviously, I loved him deeply and thus I did not want him to suffer. But as you know, I have learned a lot about medicine because I directed so many documentaries about it. Hence, I knew how to put him to sleep softly and without any suffering. So, after discussing it with my mother, and with her full consent, I asked the doctor to prescribe him a blend of two medicines that I knew would give him a peaceful death. Although he was astonished by the precision of my request, the doctor agreed and soon after my father left us peacefully and without any suffering." 

I was surprised, "Is it legal to do that in Canada?" 

"No." Jose said, "But nevertheless, the doctor helped me because when I mentioned the names and quantities of the drugs he realized that I knew what I was talking about and he was trusting me enough to accept, knowing very well that this would never be revealed to anyone." 

"Did your brothers or sister know about it?" 

"No. And to this day, they still don't. But, as I just mentioned, I talked about it with my mother, and my mother agreed with me. So with my mother's approval, I made the final decision to end my father's life."


"And you know what ? I don't regret it." Jose said, "I understand that it might seem very harsh; even terrible to you because most Chinese people seem to want to live longer and longer. But for me quality of life is more important than quantity. I did not want to let my father suffer from the excruciating pain he was in. I much more preferred that he would just simply fall asleep and not wake up again. Please, Yuan, remember that it has to be the same thing for me. I am not afraid to die, but I don't want to be suffering endlessly and for no valid reason. If I get as sick as my father was, I wish to leave this earth the same way he did."



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