Lesson 43: About Ashiatsu


After an almost 30+ hours flight from Montreal to Fuzhou, Jose was half-dead. But there was another serious problem: his back.


Jose’s back had been very sensitive since a serious accident happened when he was a young gymnastics teacher. While he was coaching a class at the trampoline, he gave the students a backflip demonstration. But when he came down, he didn’t fall on the right place; half of his body fell on his back on the trampoline; the other half outside… “Ka Cha!” his back was almost broken.


Since then, he tried many ways to cure his back; medicine, osteopathy, numerous kinds of massages, electrical stimulation treatments, to name a few, but nothing seemed to work. And it became a habit for him to suffer from back pain…


So, after the long flight from Montreal to Fuzhou without being able to lie down and without anything to support his lower back, of course his back ached a lot.



Jose is not the complaining type, he simply told me that he suffered from lower back pain from time to time, and that each time he could not even walk, but “Don’t worry.” He said, “I will be Ok in one or two weeks.”


One or two weeks?! Without being able to walk?


It is much too much, but as I told you just now, the back pain had become his habit, so Jose is used to take it very lightly, “I am familiar with it, only two weeks and I will be OK.”


But it was not that easy for me.


I said, “Let me try to do something.”


I asked Jose to lie face down on the bed and I began to massage his back, with my feet.


At first, Jose felt strange; mostly half-doubting it because he had tried so many ways before and none of them could really solve the problem he had. At most, he could only relieve the pain for some time, but automatically the pain would come back.



Chinese traditional medicine like acupuncture therapy, measles scratching, cupping named Ba Huo Guan, massage manipulations…etc. are very mysterious for westerners.


One day, I had the measles scratching on my back and I showed it to Jose which made him almost fainting with horror. The only thing he kept saying for many days was, “Yuan, now it is the 21th century, did you know that?!”


You could not explain these things to a westerner, you know, because it is all about the blood, Qi, eliminating toxins in your body, almost impossible to be explained. But the most important thing here is that even if you can not explain it, or you don’t know why, it works.


There are many acupuncture points on our backs. If you massage some special ones like Jia Ji Xue 夹脊穴, Shen Shu Xue 肾俞穴, Ba Liao xue 八髎穴, they will respond well to muscle strain, bone hyperplasia, lower back pain, waist hurts, sciatica, etc.


Another thing is that most of these points are placed on our lower back, on the two sides of the spine. Then, with feet massage instead of hand massage, you get a much larger contact area; heavier and more constant pressure, and it works much better. In our Chinese medicine, it is called Cai Qiao Fa 踩跷法.


The reason why I knew that is because I love Chinese traditional culture very much, including Chinese medicine. And I tried the traditional massage treatment very often. I also read a lot about it so I learned it by myself.



Anyway, I sat between Jose’s legs and I began to massage his back with my two feet, in my own way. During the massage, I felt that he was getting better and better because I could hear his moaning. Massaging there and in that way was definitely more enjoyable than suffering from the back pain.


After 30 minutes, I told him, “Ok, now you could move around a little bit.”


He moved his waist, left and right, telling me, “Wow! I don’t feel pain now! All I am feeling is warmth.”


Then I asked him to get up by himself and try to walk.


He did it.


Again, “Wow! I can walk!!” Jose said, “It is unbelievable! Because normally I would have to stay in the bed for almost two weeks.



I was very happy for him, I was also very proud of our Chinese traditional medicine, “I told you, it works.”


Jose is a very serious man and he began to do a research about it on the Internet. He found the name of a therapy called Ashiatsu which is very popular and welcomed in the western world. Just like the acupuncture therapy, many many westerners began to try and accept it even if they can not explain why it works. But it works! And that’s what counts; right?


Jose told me that Ashiatsu is very promising because back-pain is the most prevalent pain in the western world. Why? Maybe because their body size are too big and then it becomes difficult for them to support their body with their backs.


Another important thing is that the French-speaking people in Quebec are much more open-minded than English-speaking people living in the rest of Canada, so they would be more willing to try this new therapy – for them… – in the Quebec province area.


I knew that the human resources are very costly in Canada, and well paid. Most of the regular hand massages over there cost more than 80, even 90 CAD per hour. Compared to the 12 CAD per hour paid in regular office work, it is definitely much more appealing, for me.


We also wanted to integrate tea drinking after the massage, because drinking tea is healthy, massage is healthy, the integration of tea and massage then leads naturally to what we will call a Muzi-Atsu health center.  

Ok, now you know what I want to do when I will get to Canada.

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